Networking opportunities

POLYSEMi provides all interested parties with opportunities to meet and network with colleagues in the public sector, business community and academia. All of our events enable POLYSEMi stakeholders to network with other public or private sector professionals. In the process of building the POLYSEMi network for the years to come and host meetings and events, you may register your interest by using the form on the bottom right of this page.

POLYSEMi network will form  a group of members who work together to identify areas that will support the professional and personal development of tomorrow’s POLYSEMi capitalization activities. The POLYSEMi network will arrange events of special interest to those members in both Greece and Italy.

Aims and objectives

  • Connect – To offer a platform through which POLYSEMi stakeholders that work in the public or private sector are associated with or interested in POLYSEMi’s outcomes and can maintain and expand their professional circles and peer networks.
  • Grow – To catalyze, build and promote development opportunities for interested parties engaged with POLYSEMi’s achievements.
  • Lead – To enable respective professionals driven to create public value to build their leadership capabilities outside of the workplace.

Program of events

Key activities being planned by the group include the final POLYSEMi conference and various other opportunities to network and socialize. All events are advertised to all eligible members through the POLYSEMi portal.

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