INSTALLATION: Navigational Metamorphoses

  • New artists: students of the School of Architecture, Technical University of Crete
  • Academic Year: 2018–2019. Semester: 8ο spring
  • Special Subjects of Digital Drawing. Tutors: Ass. Prof. Socrates Yiannoudes, Charalampos Doulaverakis
  • Site–specific installation, materials: wood, plastic, plexiglass, glass, metal parts, laser cuts, CNC router, 3D printing
  • Cconcept: Socrates Yiannoudes, Efrossyni Tsakiri
  • Scientific coordinator: Socrates Yiannoudes
  • With the support of the ADLab and the Fablab

The installation starts from the history of navigation instruments in the Medieval and Renaissance shipping. In the context of their journey, these organs are understood as a material sign of European culture with the cultures of the East, reflecting the conflict between the known and familiar with the unknown, the uncanny and the magical elements transcribed into the instruments through imaginary reinterpretation in the open and often monstrous objects, ultimately losing their original use.

Socrates Yiannoudes

  1. Sund[en]ial

As the Sun continues to burn, the temperature will increase and the core will shrink. Eventually the Sun will become a Red Giant, and then most of its core hydrogen will be burned. Our Sun as a Red Giant, first swallows Mercury, sucks Aphrodite, encodes the Earth, and finally approaches Mars. The explosion ejects and dissolves the casing and it ignites. The uncanny of the dark side of a being that was initially designed in light. What happens when the darkness falls?