Dr. Anastasia Zoi Souliotou

asouliotou@gmail.com / anazsol@hotmail.com

Visual workshops within the “APOPLUS” exhibition

Thursday 27/06 and Friday 28/06, between 10.00-12.00 and 12.00-14.00, Ionian University, Department of Informatics, Areteos Building, Platia Tsirigoti 7, Corfu, Greece

1. Small merchants of the Ionian and Venice

In this workshop participants will learn about the commercial activity in the Ionian Sea and Venice and about the location of these two areas in the trade networks inside and outside the Mediterranean. Then, with their own creative imagination and commercial sophistication … they create their own trade networks with products of the Ionian Sea and Venice!

2. Ionian Sea-Adriatic: Exploring the bottom

What is there on the bottom of the Ionian and Adriatic Sea? Through an exciting underwater journey, the little explorers will discover the mysteries of the two seas. Starting from Corfu, they will continue on a coastal trip to the southern tip of Italy, then pass through the Oinousses Fountain at the deepest point of the Mediterranean, and finally they will find themselves on the beach of Nafplion in Zakynthos. There they will explore the wrecked boat and tell all their underwater experience to the attendees.

3. Maps come alive and play theater! Leading Greece and Italy

The maps are not only paper. Today we also interact with digital maps every day using a PC, smartphone and other devices. What happens, however, when paper and digital maps “come alive” in the physical space? What happens when different places get a role and the countries are talking about? In this workshop the maps are transformed into characters and the countries are negotiating with Greece and Italy.

4. From Ithaca to Invisible Cities

In this workshop the children will come into contact with the poetry of Cavafy and the literary work of Italo Calvino. Then, mainly on Ithaca and the Invisible Cities, they will envision their own fantastic cities through an adventurous visual and architectural journey. In the end, they will compose their own Ithaca in a collaborative collective work, exploiting the experiential experience of their journey.