He Lidan

Born in 1993 in Zhejiang, China. In 2016, I graduated from China Academy of Art, with a degree in Illustration. I am currently studying new visual art language and expression in the Florence Academy of Art. Life is a wellspring of inspiration and ideas for my works. I like to express my feelings through a diverse array of materials, and I always seek to enrich my creative languages to produce the best artistic works which, I would like to think, are often records of ignorance and uncharted actions. Several of my prior works have been exhibited in various venues. In 2015 the work “Tomorrow Blossoms” is exhibitied in the 2nd International Illustration and Comic Biennale. In 2016 my work “Wrap” is exhibited in the excellent graduation exhibition. In 2018, my recent work “Traces of Fabric” in the “Temperature” exhibition.


Isaura 1
Isaura I invisible city, 26X26, brown paper, carbon pencil, 2014
Isaura 2
Isaura II invisible city, 30X42, brown paper, carbon pencil, 2014