Antonio Brandimarte

Antonio Brandimarte (born 1991) is a visual artist based in Florence, Italy. He recently graduated from Accademia di belle arti di Firenze. In his works he reflects on the connections between people and places — be it actual cities or imaginary landscapes. Maps of the countries; borders and bridges between them; urban architecture. All these are motifs that Antonio explores through his work — drawing is for him a way to think about the space that surrounds us. August 2018 – solo exhibition ‘Reverse Grand Tour’, Shipton Street Gallery, London, Uk. October 2017 – Art Residency ‘London is Open’, Art Apartments, London, UK.

Mappare l’immaginario, Mixed media on paper: enamel and ink on raw cotton canvas, tempera on printed paper, pencil and ink on paper
37X30 cm, 2019